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Here at TOA we tailor lessons to suit your learning needs. Our tutors are very positive and supportive to their students, ensuring that they are on the right track to achieving their goal.

We offer one to one individual lessons as well as class groups, creating an inclusive classroom environment with interaction, where students can also benefit from peer-to-peer learning.  

Our Lessons in graded music theory, orchestral and electronic instrumental training, as well as vocal training are ongoing. Students can start their course at any time of the year allowing them to stay in control of their learning while giving them the flexibility to fit in their day to day responsibilities, whether online or onsite.

Furthermore, we specialise in training organists to become qualified professionals in their careers. Opportunities are available here to help them on their journey to achieve an associateship and later a fellowship qualification with the Royal College Of Organists.


All Instruments

1 Hourly Lesson for 12 Weeks – UGX 525,000 (1 Session Per Week)
45 Minute Lesson  for12 Weeks – UGX 425,000 (1 Session Per Week)
30 Minute Lesson for 12 Weeks  – UGX 335,000 (1 Session Per Week)

NOTE: Fees must be PAID IN FULL before lessons commence! Fees are non-refundable!

Discounted Block Lessons Breakdown

Should you wish to book single lessons or a block of lessons outside term course fees, see here below:

30 Mins Lesson at UGX 33,000 Per Session 

Block of 5 Lessons cost UGX 151,800 

45 Mins Lesson at UGX 45,000 Per Session

Block of 5 lessons cost UGX 202500

60 Mins Lesson at UGX 56,000 Per Session

Block of 5 Lessons cost UGX 252,000

One time Registration Fee  of UGX 30,000 is required at the time of registration.

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